ULM NYC, New York's Premier Gay Men's Online Magazine


This is an example of how marketing requires you to evolve along with current trends, ideas, and methods to engage with your customers. In the current marketplace having a blog is essential for any business. A blog serves many purposes. By building content for your blog you improve SEO rankings and relevancy to your products and services.

However, as a business grows, at some point you may need more than a blog to engage your customers. For our company to stay relevant and current we launched ULM NYC (urbanlandmedia.com). This lifestyle e-magazine provides an outlet for the exchange of information on pop culture, fashion and urban living using a positive approach for gay men over 35.

When we looked around there was no website tailored for gay over 35 yrs. old who are smart, understand and appreciates love; knows what to do with love and is driven to succeed. Once we realized being a man gay no longer had to be solely about naked boys, porn, and sex ULM NYC was born.

Gay men of today are fathers, a business owners, married, divorced, and/or a single parent; ULM NYC is tailored for those gay man.

From January 2013 to December 2014 we’ve had over 174,000 visitors and 979,000 page views.

We’ve scored interviews with several emerging artists including top-charting Billboard artist Deepa Soul, X-Factor Finalists Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud, Independent recording artist Esnavi, top international DJ Mark Farina, DJ Mark Vox, and reality TV personality Miss Lawrence.

October 2015 ULM NYC was merged into Kinkster Mag