Success Stories

Marketing, Branding, LGBT, NYC

Here Are a Few of Our Successes and Achievements:

  • Successfully met our Kickstarter campaign goal of raising capital to produce our Freely Live Real and True (FLRT) collection of t-shirts and wristbands.
  • Statistics for Kinkster Mag
    • Successfully retained Kinkster Mag contributing writers for several years.
    • 10,374 average monthly visitors
    • 50,205 average monthly page views
  • We’ve scored interviews with several emerging artists for Kinkster Mag, including top-charting Billboard artist Deepa Soul, recording artist Esnavi, top international DJ Mark Vox, and reality TV personality Miss Lawrence.
  • Rebranding of FLRT reflects a 10% increase in revenue.
  • Established relationships with fashion and lifestyle writers and garnered both online and print media exposure.
  • During our Philadelphia Trunk Show we increased sales by 30% and were featured in various social media outlets.
  • As a result of working with RFP Radio the new and improved look increased customer and brand awareness by 70%.
  • Our first project, Flirtatious-T, offered t-shirts geared towards adults and was based on flirting. To be socially conscious we positioned the brand with a community based charity that promotes well-being and healthy practices. Fundraising efforts for AIDS Walk NYC ranked Flirtatious-T in the top 50 fundraisers from retail organizations.
  • To gain exposure for the Flirtatious-T product, we diligently researched various celebrities that would potentially wear the product on national television. Within six months Kendra Wilkinson was spotted wearing “Juicy Lips” on E! Network’s “The Girls Next Door.” Six months later she was spotted wearing “All Eyes On Me” on the show. The brand gained further exposure when Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Oscar award-winning Whoopi Goldberg was spotted wearing “Guardian Angel” on the nationally televised show “The View.”
  • We were also successful in gaining additional media exposure with Edge Publications, HX Magazine, and Out in America.
  • We also developed online blogs/e-zines with specific concepts in mind. These included “All About Dating,” “UF Lifestyle,” “UrbanLand Media” and now “Kinkster Mag.” We’ve proven successful in creating, developing, and launching these e-zines based on our approach to increasing brand awareness:
    • UrbanLand Media featured recording artist Esnavi whose first single Unexpected Love reached the top 40 on the Urban Adult Contemporary Charts.
    • UrbanLand Media was asked to review three-time Emmy award-winning Dr. Carole Lieberman‘s new book “Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.”
    • All About Dating blog was ranked #5 in the Top 20 Relationship Advice Blogs on
  • BlackOutEndeavors LLC has been a successful at giving back. We’ve participated annually to raise money for the GMHC in support of the fight against HIV/AIDS. For four consecutive years we ranked in the top 50 fundraisers in the retail category for AIDS Walk NY.