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Client Testimonials

BlackOutEndeavors has been my go to for marketing and branding since 2009. From conception of my business, Corey has been there to help with my company’s name as well as motto, which has grown to become a name that most women in fitness now know.

Corey Wesley is always watching current trends and all things happening in the now when us business owners are not, making it super easy to switch directions and develop now products and or services as he is always a step ahead. Being a step ahead is something that Corey is very adamant about, and for any business especially a new business being a step ahead only leaves room for growth. Corey is the perfect guy for this. He makes running a business a lot less stressful, as he is honest and very straight to the point.

When working with Corey, you can trust and believe that he understands your customer. He will even help you structure new areas in your business to meet the wants and needs of other potential markets, which you may not have thought about.

More than anything, he always has a plan and is very good with follow through. There has not been one thing that he has told me to do or change about my business that has not worked in helping expand our reach. And honestly the only times it may not work is when I choose not to listen.

I am very grateful to have Corey and BlackOutEndeavors, as my go to when it comes to marketing strategies for growing NDG. I’m always looking forward to what he thinks I should be doing next!

Nicole Damaris, Owner of NDG FIT