Fresh From Earth

Fresh From Earth was created to serve the Health & Fitness Enthusiast by offering the most potent, pure natural ingredients to increase physical strength, uplift spirits, heal the body and create lives full of freedom from sickness & disease that is running rampant due to bad diet, lack of nutritional education, and lack of physical activity.

Our desire is to motivate, empower and create a movement of Health & Fitness. We dare to take a new approach by offering a boutique line of products that address the specific needs of health & fitness naves, personal trainers and wellness experts to this health and fitness industry

Client Testimonials

BlackOutEndeavors’ relevant business innovation in marketing increased my online sales by 40% in just two months. Being an overwhelmed first year business owner I desperately needed some guidance with branding & messaging that would breakthrough & bring back sales.

Working with BlackOutEndeavors could not have been easier. Corey gave me honest and candid suggestions of what he observed as an online viewer. Most importantly he had a vision & plan that was well executed. He listened to the goals & vision I had for the business & within days our entire online image, messaging & branding changed. Sales began to follow the new & fresh concepts.

Prior to working with Corey our social media pages were as if they didn’t exist & within a month we gained over 450 new followers organically to our social media outlets. Thanks Corey & the BlackOutEndeavors team for your witty & insightful partnership. I’m looking forward to taking the next steps with your team.

Working with BlackOutEndeavors is so much more than just a brand perfection process and web development experience. My experience was earthshaking & transformational for me as entrepreneur. Transformational not only in regards to the aesthetic image of my business, but also in allowing me the opportunity to experience my business as a customer.

BlackOutEndeavors helped me discover new possibilities & options within my business that will excite our customers, make us a leader in our industry, and create growth within the business. At one point I said to myself, “Is this a business consulting contract that includes Brand Development AND Web Building?”, because truly the thoughts and questions that were posed by The BlackOutEndeavors Team made me consider the operation of Fresh From Earth in its entirety. WOW!!!! Powerful!!!! These are the words I frequently used through our project.

The Fresh From Earth Team could not be more empowered and excited about our work and end-product created with BlackOut Endeavors. Please take a moment and visit FreshFromEarth.US and you will understand the genius and jewel within the heart beat of BlackOutEndeavors.

Karim Ali, Owner

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