Corey Wesley, VP of Digital Brand Development & Marketing Strategies, BlackOutEndeavors LLC

Corey Wesley

VP of Digital Brand Development & Marketing Strategies

Corey Wesley (Washington) is VP of Brand Development with 12 years in the e-commerce industry and 14 years as a corporate trainer within the financial industry. Corey attended Oswego State University and studied Communications. In 2014 Corey completed a Certificate in Online and Social Media Marketing, Pratt Institute, New York, NY and Verified Certificate in Introduction to Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (via Coursea). Adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining composure, he is an active listener, leader, and mentor with strong interpersonal skills. In his practice he strives to understand company and client needs and provide exceptional results.

As the VP of Brand Development & Marketing Strategies Wesley is the driving force for the company’s projects.

Corey is no stranger to hard work and what it means to go after your dreams. He had a successful career in the financial industry as a senior corporate trainer, however, with the downturn in the economy he had to switch gears. He turned being laid off from his position into an opportunity to create his own job and pursue one of his passions, fashion.

In June of 2007 Corey co-founded BlackOutEndeavors LLC with his business partner, John S. Myers. Their first project was a t-shirt line called Flirtatious-T, t-shirts which were seen on national television on Kendra Wilkinson and Whoopi Goldberg. As a compliment to the Flirtatious-T t-shirts, Corey developed “All About Dating,” a blog devoted to discussing dating and relationships. In February 2010, “All About Dating” was rated #5 by on their Top 20 Relationship Advice Blogs. Corey leaded BlackOutEndeavors’ past projects that include Mu Gamma Mu, the FLRT Collection, and ULM NYC. He is currently working with Fresh from Earth, Kinkster Mag and in the early stages of developing an underwear line.

Born and raised in New York City, Corey is fascinated by pop culture. He loves living in the urban environment and regularly draws inspiration from all that urban living has to offer. He is a passionate businessman with a strong work ethic and creative flair. His determination and resilience are key elements in what makes his endeavors successful.