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Client Testimonials


Working with BlackOutEndeavors is so much more than just a brand perfection process and web development experience. My experience was earthshaking & transformational for me as entrepreneur. Transformational not only in regards to the aesthetic image of my business, but also in allowing me the opportunity to experience my business as a customer.

BlackOutEndeavors helped me discover new possibilities & options within my business that will excite our customers, make us a leader in our industry, and create growth within the business. At one point I said to myself, “Is this a business consulting contract that includes Brand Development AND Web Building?”, because truly the thoughts and questions that were posed by The BlackOutEndeavors Team made me consider the operation of Fresh From Earth in its entirety. WOW!!!! Powerful!!!! These are the words I frequently used through our project.

The Fresh From Earth Team could not be more empowered and excited about our work and end-product created with BlackOut Endeavors. Please take a moment and visit FreshFromEarth.US and you will understand the genius and jewel within the heart beat of BlackOutEndeavors. — Karim Ali Proprietor, Fresh From Earth


Words cannot express just how happy I am with the services you provided in developing my business cards and Facebook page to support Reginald Middleton Enterprises LLC. Your level of branding advice and expertise are unmatched. You knew exactly what I wanted to convey to my business customers and I am excited and looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. You will be highly recommended amongst my peers. — Reginald Middleton MST, MSA, Owner, Reginald Middleton Enterprises LLC

I have known Corey Wesley Washington personally for approximately 20 years and I have also known him professionally for the past six years while working with him on BlackOutEndeavors LLC, Flirtatious-T, FLRT, and ULM NYC (UrbanLandMedia). Corey has been the driving force behind organizing BlackOutEndeavors and establishing our brands. He is a dedicated leader and astute business person. Corey is intuitive, self-motivated and directed towards achieving his goals. In addition to being the brains behind the company, he has been the artistic force behind shirt designs, the company’s websites, and our lookbooks. He has a sense of style and fashion that provide daily inspirations. I endorse him whole-heartedly. — John Myers, Co-Founder, Sr. Operations Manager, BlackOutEndeavors LLC

2012 – 2014

BlackOutEndeavors has been my go to for marketing and branding since 2009. From conception of my business, Corey has been there to help with my company’s name as well as motto, which has grown to become a name that most women in fitness now know.

Corey Wesley is always watching current trends and all things happening in the now when us business owners are not, making it super easy to switch directions and develop now products and or services as he is always a step ahead. Being a step ahead is something that Corey is very adamant about, and for any business especially a new business being a step ahead only leaves room for growth. Corey is the perfect guy for this. He makes running a business a lot less stressful, as he is honest and very straight to the point.

When working with Corey, you can trust and believe that he understands your customer. He will even help you structure new areas in your business to meet the wants and needs of other potential markets, which you may not have thought about.

More than anything, he always has a plan and is very good with follow through. There has not been one thing that he has told me to do or change about my business that has not worked in helping expand our reach. And honestly the only times it may not work is when I choose not to listen.

I am very grateful to have Corey and BlackOutEndeavors, as my go to when it comes to marketing strategies for growing NDG. I’m always looking forward to what he thinks I should be doing next! – Nicole Damaris, NDG FIT

I’ve known Corey Wesley in a professional capacity for almost a year. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on various fashion and media projects. More recently, Corey served as a guest speaker for two of my fashion and marketing courses. Mr. Wesley presented a well-prepared overview of what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry. Mr. Wesley’s professionalism, positive energy and natural charisma left the students intrigued, encouraged and motivated to become successful fashion entrepreneurs! It truly was an amazing experience! — Kass Smith, MBA, Kass Creative Group, LLC

I started writing for ULM NYC almost 3 years ago. Initially what drew me to their site were the great articles I was reading by Corey Wesley. I could tell Corey was a person who wrote from his heart and soul. His articles are informative and always written in a way that relates to the audience. I’ve spoken with Corey a few times, and must say,”It’s like we are kindred souls!” Corey Wesley is a phenomenal person with a vision to make a difference in the world. He’s not afraid to speak up, give his candid opinion or to appeal to his readers to live a positive life. It’s my pleasure to work with Corey. I plan on being a contributor writer for ULM NYC for as long as they will have me! — Sue McGaughey

I have known Corey Wesley for about a two years, his smile, his energy and commitment to getting it done is awesome! — Debora Clark Fairfax, Photographer

Additional Testimonials

I worked with Corey Wesley Washington for six years at Pershing LLC, during which he held various roles with increasing responsibilities and seniority. Corey consistently demonstrated a customer focused attitude and constantly put the customers’ needs before his own. Corey is a self-motivated and ambitious professional, who takes the time to learn more than is necessary to satisfy job requirements. Because of his leadership skills, Corey was selected to train new hires, and assigned the responsibility of training Pershing’s high revenue customers. Corey was also responsible for assessing customer’s training needs, and developing customized training solutions that were geared towards helping customers retain and attract clients. Corey was adept at providing training in various settings, and would consistently provide the same high quality results, whether training one advisor or an entire broker-dealer. I have no reservations recommending Corey as he would be an asset to any employer. — Denise Appleby,CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA.Re-order IRA & Defined Contribution Plans Trainer, Technical Expert, and Provider of Marketing Tools.

I have known Corey Wesley Washington since we worked together in the Retirement Plans Customer Service department at Pershing LLC. When I was transferred from the Account Transfer Dept to Retirement Plans, I had a limited amount of retirement plan knowledge. I quickly learned that Corey was the go-to person in the department. He handled complex inquiries from our clients and conducted on the job training for new customer service representatives. I was consistently impressed by his willingness to go the extra mile for his colleagues and our clients. Corey remained calm during frenzied tax seasons or answering questions from several new customer service representatives. As I had the good fortune to be coached by Corey, I wasn’t surprised when he accepted a Corporate Trainer position. I have no doubts that he is an asset to any firm. — Vanessa Simon ALMI, ACSRe-order Senior Specialist