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Our Philosophy

Our Principles and Core Values


Quality is a vital ingredient to any superior brand. We strive to deliver high quality products well and to deliver that quality consistently.

Solid Brand Positioning

Through brand name, image, and service standards, our products hold solid positions in the marketplace.

Being a First-Mover

With each brand we create, develop, and launch the goal is to be the first successful brand in a specific market to create a clear positioning in the minds of target consumers before the competition enters the market.

Innovative and Creative Organization

From performance objectives to encouraging the creative process, BlackOutEndeavors values and rewards creativity and innovation through all levels of the organization.

Consumer Focused

By focusing on our consumers in our product development and customer service approaches, we are able to develop strategies that benefit the company and the consumer. BlackOutEndeavors is committed to being and remaining an innovative and progressive company in the marketplace.